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General issues with Metaverse Studios

Enough is enough. Internal meetings at Meta (formerly Facebook) were conducted this week to introduce the company’s new approaches such as Metaverse Studio. After spending consultants millions of dollars to express a company’s values, they become the foundation for a brand’s identity. For example, they are used to assist make decisions and governing behavior, communicating expectations to customers, and ensuring that all employees are following the brand’s guidelines.

To add insult to injury, if you work at Meta, you are now referred to as a “Metamate.” Moving quickly, creating amazing things, & living in the future are some of the ideals that Mark & Meta put out to help them and us navigate the metaverse.

Assuming that these are written as active verbs, not by accident, we can now proceed. (In contrast, most people see values as nouns, such as honor, trust, ambition, transparency, and kindness.) If you don’t know what the metaverse is, it’s an online environment anyone can access through a virtual-reality headset in which you may interact with your friends, companies, and even the real world through some kind of altered-reality filter.

Meta has already invested $10B in the development of its Metaverse Studio. A tiger has joined JPMorgan Chase in the metaverse as Onyx Lounge, a place where you may relax and socialize with other players. Onyx Lounge and its tiger are located in Decentraland, a blockchain-based universe, for those who are inquisitive.

Are engines ready for Metaverse?

Burger Time right now: basic, simplistic, OG, first-generation. A decade from now, this may be the place where people make their lives. If Mark and Metaverse Studio have their way, this is where life will take place. The metaverse, like Twitter, aims to replace practically every other kind of social interaction, including the office water cooler. It’s going to be awesome, no doubt about it. However, if the entire endeavor is directed by Meta’s three core beliefs, it is certain to be a tragedy for civilization.

Metaverse Studio
“Connecting People” in 2022

I’m aware that I come out cynical and unwilling to adapt. That’s what I mean. That is not the case with me. Simply put, I am a Mature Millennial in my 40s. We’re in a unique position in the history of humanity. A mini-generation straddled between Boomers/Gen X before us and Millennials/Gen Z after us, both of whom were raised with screens in their hands and had to learn email in adulthood. In high school, we got our first taste of email. In college, we received our first cell phones.

The internet, MySpace, Friendster, and eventually Facebook, as well as everything else that was online, were all just coming into their own as a method to conduct business and, well, do life. We are in our 40s, which means that around half of our lives have been spent in pre-screening and the other half online. People rushed out of their seats and clapped during the Super Bowl halftime show when they realized they had been heard.

Metaverse studio in a nutshell

As a result of our location on the timeline, we are the only generation to have seen life before social media. In a nutshell, it was superior. “Sorry, but it’s vital to suspend the clichéming for just a second,” a 44-year-old man says. If Meta’s values guide our future, we shall lose any remaining semblance of humanity. It all began with a brilliant idea: Let’s put Harvard’s freshmen directory online, The FaceBook. We can make a Web page with everyone’s image on it, and then rate how hot they are or aren’t. We are now dealing with a completely different beast than we were nearly two decades ago.

As a result, the animal now firmly adheres to these three principles:

Move quickly. Who needs to be any more rapid than they already are? Most people find modern life intolerable because of the rapidity with which we move. We don’t want a fast, seductive product that is continually marketed to us. Our money is moving up the ladder quickly. The pace of our communications is brisk. Our days are filled with a lot of rushing around. Too quickly.

The majority of our waking hours are spent attempting to slow down the pace of life so that we can do the things that are really human: eat, sleep, and love! We barely have time to sit down for a meal in today’s fast-paced environment. We’ve been awake all night, our thoughts racing. We’re on our way. Moreover, our relationships with coworkers and family members, friends, neighbors, and partners are damaged.


Only the ultra-wealthy can benefit from moving quickly in our culture. Our money will go quickly from our digital bank accounts to the accounts of every big American firm. Facebook generated $33 billion in revenue and made $10 billion in profit last year. Do we really grasp the magnitude of that? Count all the way up to ten billion. It would take you 300 years to do this task. In 2022, no one needs to move any quicker than they already are. Unless, of course, you count the government.

Make amazing things happen. As of now, we’ve already accomplished something remarkable: the world. “Civilization” and “society” are synonymous terms. Pyramids, Taj Mahal, and Great Wall of China are extremely amazing. As soon as the sun goes down and the lights come on, New York City comes to life. A journey down the Pacific Coast Highway is awe-inspiring. A Nashville concert is awe-inspiring. If a generation of people spends all their time in the metaverse, they will miss out on an endless number of human experiences.

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